Mofetta, Erzsébet Park Hotel***Superior Parádfürdő

The mofetta (carbon dioxide dry bath) at the Erzsébet Park Hotel***Superior was opened to the visitors in October 2011. A natural gas source can be found within the area of the hotel’s park, from where the CO2 gas is transmitted to the mofetta’s pool by the aid of a compressor. To provide complementary health services in a complex manner for the treatment and prevention of different diseases (cardiovascular, locomotor, gynaecology – infertility etc.) the heath care center was opened in 2013. In 2013, the Office of the Chief Medical Officer has qualified the CO2 gas rushing up within the area of our hotel to be a medical gas, while on 17 February 2014 our institution was successfully qualified to be a medical hotel.

Our purpose for guests receiving high-level mofetta therapy is to provide hotel services of high standard while spending time in the Mátra. Healing effect of mofetta use is well-known, and in the climate of the Mátra coupled with the wellness services available at our hotel it can provide guaranteed physical and spiritual renewal for each and every of our dear guests.


2-night Mofetta

Price from 53 €/person/night

Complimentary Bemer treatment

How nice would it be to try the healing effects of mofetta, this balneological treasure of the Mátra Mountains. Regular use of mofetta treatment stimulates the immune system and improves your general condition.
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5-night Mofetta

Price from 47 €/person/night

8 mofetta treatments included!

Enjoy the healing and recreational effects of mofetta, this unique phenomenon of nature during your 5-night stay in Parádfürdő.
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Our Special Offer

Price from 39 €/person/night

Summer Dreams…

Spend five relaxing nights with your friends and family in the middle of Mátra Mountains with bathing and outdoor activities.
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